SELF’s medical weight management program provides you with practical and sustainable weight management solutions. We customize our programs to meet your best and your personal weight management goals.
Our certified physician and certified nurse practitioners will evaluate your current challenges that may have contributed to the failure of your previous weight loss efforts. Collaboratively, we will develop a comprehensive plan to optimize your well-being through diet, exercise, nutrition, and medications that will enhance your individualized weight loss journey.

Patient Favorites

Cheek filler

starting at $800

The cheeks are lifted and contoured using dermal fillers. By defining and contouring the face, this treatment diminishes the appearance of nasolabial folds (laugh lines) and restores a more youthful, refreshed look. Cheek fillers can be used alone or in conjunction with a face and neck lift. On average, 1-3 syringes are used. 

Lip filler

Starting at $650

We use filler to create your desired aesthetic goals, whether subtle volume or significantly fuller lips. We usually apply a numbing cream before the treatment to make sure you’re comfortable. Depending on your goals, we’ll decide which filler is suitable for you. 

Chin Augmentation

Starting at $800

Fillers restore age-related volume loss in the chin. In addition to enhancing the jawline and balancing the profile, chin fillers also enhance the chin. These treatments will also add additional support to the lips. Over time, 1 to 3 syringes of filler may be required.

Jawline filler

Starting at $800

Men and women can both benefit from jawline fillers. Injectable fillers give your face more definition and contour. This treatment could be ideal for you if you’re interested in rejuvenating your appearance. Usually, between 2-4 syringes are used. 

Lower face/smile/laugh line filler

Starting at $650

Dermal filler helps rejuvenate the lower face. If needed, we can also fill in fine lines around your mouth and upturn the corners. We’ll customize your treatment plan tailored to your individual needs. The average number of syringes is 1-2 per session.

Patient Favourites


starting at $800

Sculptra gradually creates a more youthful-looking appearance over time by stimulating collagen production, thickening the skin, and increasing facial volume. Results start to appear in 4-6 weeks but continue to gradually appear over several months. Results may vary but usually last 2-5 years. Virtually any area of the face including temples, mid and lower face can be treated with our experienced injectors. We do not recommend treatment close to the mouth or eyes. 

Neck and décolletage

starting at $800

Treats combinations of deep lines, and crepey skin, and replenishes collagen. Sculptra rebuilds the inner structure of the skin over time to help replenish lost collagen with results that are seen gradually.

Body Skin Tightening

starting at $800

Sculptra is used on the body for collagen production and works to firm your skin and lift depressed areas gradually. Sculptra gradually improves the skin’s thickness. On average, a series of two to three treatments over a few months may be needed


We will take a detailed history and physical exam to determine if you are a good candidate for weight loss medication. Please let your healthcare professional know if you are currently on any weight loss medications, supplements, diet, or exercise program and if you have a personal or family history of GI, thyroid, heart, kidney, or liver problems or if you are pregnant, trying to get pregnant, and breastfeeding.

We ask that you present a list of all current medications that you are taking and any/all recent lab work.

Before your initial appointment, you should contact your insurance to ask if they cover anti-obesity medications. This will make finding an affordable treatment plan for you more efficient.

We have developed a structured weight management program based on the latest evidence-based practice. We will formulate a plan of care and tailor it specifically to your weight loss goals. Our weight loss program is designed to ensure you are monitored by a board-certified physician and our nurse practitioners during your weight loss journey. We will follow up with you monthly to adjust your treatment and give you personalized assistance and support throughout your weight loss journey. In addition, we want to provide you with an environment focused on you and your self-care, avoiding potentially long wait times in offices seeing contagious acute illnesses.

There are several medical weight loss medications and modalities that can be utilized. If you have tried drugs previously and could not tolerate them, please inform our in-house physician or nurse practitioners to discuss other viable treatment options.

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